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Sitting of the house is very much dictated by the view towards golf course and a ‘padang’ at the rear of the house and also the east west sun orientation.

All spaces are meticulously planned to be on the ‘left’ side of the land, leaving only a ‘transparent living room’ along all green area and lap pool to the ‘right’ side of the land. This is done to allow  uninterrupted view from the front garden through  the living room, a courtyard garden, a lap pool, an open outdoor terrace and beyond to the rear garden/golf course.


An assemblage of planar elements is to create interesting spaces for living. Walls are created by the planar solid elements while windows (transparent) are articulated by the void in between.

Solid walls are carefully placed to block east & west sun and to create privacy from neighbors. In other areas, huge glass windows and walls are extensively used to maximize natural light, view and transparency. 

The overall house massing are designed with a relatively low front to reduce the overall scale & proportion of the house from main road.


Basic building material are left ‘exposed’ to expressed  character of materials hence setting the ‘theme’ and color scheme of the house.  Exposed off-form concrete, steel I-beam, clear glass, heavily textured stone and timber are used extensively as basic material palette.  


-Motorized vertical sunshade is placed at the master bedroom southwest window to allow control of light and view.

-Aluminium louvres are placed in two vertical voids to encourage the ‘chimney effect’ natural air movement throughout the house. 

-A secured open courtyard on the second floor provides plenty of fresh air and light into the house even during rainy days.

-Most window modules are designed with a small operable top hung section to allow for natural ventilation without sacrificing safety.

-Natural textured stone feature wall extends from exterior to interior of the house to ‘blur’ the two spaces.

-A hanging exposed concrete wall and low horizontal windows offer different views and a sense of scale at sitting height.

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