Grand Medini

medini development, johor, malaysia

The development is situated in a residential enclave in the back-drop of a busy and lively Medini development. Designed to activate and enhance the Medini development, the residences has integrated living and leisure to facilitate place-making and evolve the area to become a living and communal hub.

Rectangular linear remains an integral concept in this development. In which components of the project are designed around a central courtyard. In other words, apartment blocks are arranged to enclose the linear communal ‘linear garden’ .

A common theme of living in a tropical garden is optimised in Grand Medini. The choice of grey materials complements the contrasting lush greenery within the site.
The simplicity in form is also intended to contrast with the surrounding commercial look and the internal garden with the landscape feature, which becomes the heart of the whole development.


Grand Global Medini Sdn Bhd

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