Menara Felda

kuala lumpur, malaysia

Menara Felda is located at the intersection of Persiaran KLCC and Lorong Kuda in Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It was one of the components in a development which comprises of commercial office, retail and residential. When completed in March 2012, the 50 storey building celebrated the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) 50 years anniversary and symbolized its inspiration to progress as a key player in the era of globalization. Now, Menara Felda is a landmark on the intersection and enjoys the available vistas especially towards KLCC twin tower and the park.

The building form is inspired by the abstract of “oil palm fruit seed” oval shape that dictates the office typical plan. The curved form addresses the negative space created in between buildings, making the overall massing sits comfortably as a whole. The form also lends to a more dynamic and progressive image. The “slender” tower appearance minimizes the overall visual impact. It also minimizes day light reflection towards the ground and surrounding buildings.

The office spaces receive optimum daylight as their depth are controlled to be less than 12 meters. To relate to the park, a “green park” concept is formed in terms of “vertical garden” spaces on the building. These spaces are providing relief areas and are accessible from the offices.

The office maximum depth is controlled at less than 12 meters from the external perimeter in order to maximize day light intake. In parts where the sun exposure may not be favourable, sun shading devices and louvers are applied on the façade.

The tower roof has a unique shape based on a “Rubber Tree Leaf” that once again reflects Felda’s strong agricultural background.

client :

Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd

award :
International Property Asia Pacific Award 2012-2013

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