Menara Bank Islam

kuala lumpur,  malaysia

Located in Kuala Lumpur City Center on Jalan Perak, the 34 storey office building reflects the breakthrough in development of wakaf lands. A smart partnership between Federal Territory Islamic Council (MAIWP), Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) and Bank Islam have managed to unlock the value of the land, being the first commercial development of wakaf land in Malaysia. By having developed the land on commercial basis, the value of the land not only increased but it also generates a fixed financial income that the Council will utilize for public welfare.

Menara Bank Islam design is based on principle of unity and strength under a single principle. This is translated architecturally by applying distinctive diagonal framing in relation to the intricate horizontal screens and sunshades. Both elements fused as a single entity to reflect unity, a fundamental Islamic value. Although the extensive glazing is used to allow natural lights, a balance is created with reactions to the tropical climate by means of the screening elements. The selection of finishes, though modern & contemporary, evoke the calmness in reference to the description of paradise – an effort to bring equilibrium to the city as well as the building occupants. The spaces internally follow the same strategy, giving sufficient flexibilities and comfort for the occupants.

Menara Bank Islam in the end is not only able to invigorate the status of wakaf lands but also manage to represent Islamic values and elements through architecture with the integration of modern aesthetic and the fundamental teaching of Islam.

client :

TH Technologies Sdn Bhd

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