Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Headquarters

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The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarter is located on Lot 7G1, Precinct 7, Putrajaya. The 5.12-acre development comprises of 3 blocks ranging from 10-18 storeys. The blocks are connected on level 13 by a bridge. The new headquarter was initiated though an invited competition, and the scheme was selected based on its design approach.

The site topography creates a potential that permits the building to be raised, producing a hierarchy of spaces between the public and private. The building operational requirements dictate a complex security levels by demarcating areas into open versus secured. The ground level acts as a public zone, where support functions such as the auditorium, main lobby, cafes and nursery are located. Between the podium and the offices are the ‘covered plaza facilities podium’, linkages that are designed by integrating green spaces to encourage conducive and eco-friendly environment. The office spaces are being lifted off the podium to form the private realm that are controlled and highly secured.

The three blocks height variations (10, 14 and 18 storeys) with their fitting curving form emit uniqueness. The towers are supported by a number of slanting columns to soften the structural rigidity. Internally, with the orientation towards the surrounding context optimised, it offers spectacular views of Putrajaya’s skyline.

At night, the building is lighted up the under-croft space or soffit to give the surreal feeling of a floating ‘amoeba’.

The architecture is openly modern, visually recognised and one devoid of a totalitarian nature. The overall planning aims to create a unique working environment within the large office spaces. Transparency, being a major element in the design approach, is in resonance with the Commission’s functions.

client :

Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd

award :
2018 PAM Award

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