Islamic Putrajaya Complex

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The overall complex consists of 3 buildings sit adjacent each other on a 5 acres site located in precinct 3, Putrajaya. The site is fronting the Putrajaya lakeside and is next to the expressive Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque.

As part of the its vision in establishing Putrajaya as the nation new administration center, the Malaysian government requested for a complex to house the Islamic Affairs Department under the Prime Minister office in one central location. The complex is designed to house 9 departments that monitors and administers Islamic affairs in Malaysia.

The planning of the Putrajaya Islamic Complex acknowledges and amplifies the pedestrian’s scale and the commanding lake. The buildings are defined by semi covered courtyards that create physical as well as visual connectivity back to the lake. The courtyards are accessible by public and serve as a thoroughfare to the lakeside.

The design fulfils the aspiration of the government in portraying Islam as progressive. The architecture is a synergy of light, transparency, dynamism, strength and inspiration, taking clue from beauty of light as described in the Quran. The building optimises the use of glazing to bring in natural lights and maximizing views toward the external. Steel pillars forming intricate three-dimensional arches enclosed the glass boxes and rise into woven like roof trellises to shade the roof garden. Geometrical motif sunscreens are applied extensively to provide privacy to the occupants and protection against the tropical sun.

Putrajaya Islamic Complex is highly recognisable with its modern architecture that blends with the context and time.

client :

TH Technologies Sdn Bhd

award :

2019 PAM Commendation Award
asia pacific property award 2017 (best office development)
asia pacific property award 2013 (best office architecture)

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