Paradigm Mall

The Icon

The Paradigm epitomizes the urban transformation of Petaling Jaya. Located on the fringe of the Damansara-Puchong highway, this development is the new gateway to the area. With its strategic location, it has potential to be a hub to cater both commercial, leisure and artistic activities. The master plan is conceptualize with a cohesive building complex comprising of a shopping mall flanking by commercial office towers thus transforming the site into a haven for genuine expression of design – the icon for Petaling Jaya.

The Concept

The overall concept is derived from “fluidity” and “dynamic” of shape which makes the building an interesting and unique in respect to architectural excellence.  The idea does not only restrict merely by the shape of the building, but carried in depth into its internal spaces. This is manifested in the creation of “urban oasis”, a nucleus point that welcomes the funneling crowd.  In regards to its “dynamism”, the design embraces the interactions between indoor and outdoor spaces, translating the project as the new prominent landmark in town.

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