Queensbay Mall

sg. nibong, penang

Seemingly reborn from the ashes of a ten-year hiatus, the nine storey Queensbay Mall immediately became the vibrant catalyst for the blossoming development of the area of reclaimed land formerly known as Bayan Bay.

Strategically located by the sea along the coastal highway in close proximity to the Penang Bridge, it provides and enjoys immediate access both to Penangites and to visitors from the northern hinterland of Peninsula Malaysia. It is well connected to the existing residential and industrial areas of Penang, and is close to both educational, recreational and other commercial facilities.

The configuration of the external form immediately defines the internal layout, earning the Queensbay Mall the record of being the longest mall in the northern region, affording a generous 2.5million sq. ft. and five floors of retail, entertainment, leisure and gastronomic facilities, widely ranged to meet a wide range of budgets, yet insisting and maintaining an attractive and active quality environment.

client :

C P Landmarks Sdn Bhd

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