New World Petaling Jaya Hotel

kelana jaya, selangor, malaysia 

New World Hotel is located within the overall Paradigm development; the new ‘gateway’ of Kelana Jaya area. The hotel with its 300 rooms is located on the upper 15 storeys of the building, while the bottom 15 storeys are occupied by the serviced apartments.

The design concept of the hotel has taken into considerations to become part of the form and philosophy of the whole Paradigm development. ‘Fluid and flow’ concept produce a natural formation of public open space which mediates between the mall and the tower block. The arrangement of the blocks is crucial to the design and the spaces created between the blocks are considered a way to integrate the development.

The hotel design expresses locality and contemporary. It is warm and welcoming, with generous spaces flooded with natural light well curated with local artworks. Tactile materials – metal, marble, leather, natural timber and abundant bamboo flooring – provide a striking textural backdrop for subtle Malaysian motif accents and art. Malaysian influence is present throughout the thoughtful interior design – a six-metre high “wau” (traditional Malaysian kite) sets an imposing structure at the lobby together with the colossal 3-metre “gasing” (traditional Malaysian spinning top) sculpture.

The New World Hotel has succeeded in offering the ideal mixed typology building. Although, some aspects of the serviced apartments and hotel overlap, the architecture has successfully formed a solution to segregate spaces for users. The planning has made the spaces within the building private while the external space is being activated as a public realm.

client :

Jelas Puri Sdn Bhd

awards : 

2019 PAM Commendation Award

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