The Cascades

kota damansara, selangor, malaysia 

Perceived as a ‘sculpture’ – the building design as an assemblage of platonic forms. Angular planes and volumes are carefully placed to create dynamic and exciting outdoor spaces. These changes in shape create dynamic spaces which are in constant dialogue with each other. As a result, the building promise a lively environment in support of the function it houses.”

an effortless location

The thriving Kota Damansara is about to welcome a new icon – The Cascades. Comprising Retail, Corporate Offices and Serviced Residences, The Cascades is designed to impress with its unique architecture and prime location surrounded by commercial hubs and a bustling township. Its central location within Kota Damansara’s commercial hub puts The Cascades within easy reach of major highways such as LDP, Penchala Link and the NKVE. With a large captive residential catchment of over 334,000 with strong purchasing power, The Cascades is poised to shine.

urban oasis

The Cascades is surrounded by greens. Four sky gardens, green walls, extensive landscape and water features create an ambience of pure refreshment. Existing site contour, sun orientation and view are also capitalised in the design. The outdoor linear courtyard in the centre of the development is carefully designed according to the site section – thus creating a cascade of spaces. Coupled with sustainable architecture features such as building orientation, rain water harvesting and east/west facade trellis, the development is conceptualised to distant itself in design to create its own unique identity – hence inventing a new design typology which is unique and exciting.

platonic forms, undulating angular & sleek lines

The buildings are design as an assemblage of platonic forms. Angular planes and volumes are carefully placed to create dynamic and exciting outdoor spaces. Rhythmic architectural lines balance the building and exterior spaces. Energy and excitement dominate The Cascades design with sleek lines and energetic spaces. The protruding and tilted facade of the building has an expressed concrete structure, with an aluminium cladding and glass facade. Building orientations have also taken into account the sun path and are facing more towards north and south direction. Areas where the sun exposure may not be favorable, sun shading devices and louvers are applied on the façade.

water cascades & linear plaza

Water features flow within the development, seamlessly merging the indoors and outdoors through a linear plaza that connects pedestrian to each of The Cascades components while offering the best alfresco dining and other activities. Raised and horizontally flowing earth mounting sets it apart from conventional urban plaza, while water cascades on split levels create a dramatic and contemporary experiences.

phase 1 (retail)

The four 4-5 storey retail building (Block A, A1, B, & B1) with one floating restaurant will become a lively public space and unprecedented amenities for users. The retail space at the ground floor and the level two terrace will further stimulate the area with activities not only during the day but also into the evening for the cafes, restaurants, bars, convenience store, beauty outlets, spa etc. Furthermore, the roof has an environmental viewing deck which will offer striking view over the development.

client :

Mitraland Kota Damansara Sdn Bhd

award :
International Property Asia Pacific Award 2012-2013

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